Chicken ½kg


To Marinate

Curd ½cup
Coriander Leaves
Mint Leaves
Curry Leaves
Cumin Seeds ½tsp
Coriander Seeds 1tsp
Chopped Green Chillies 3nos
Garlic 3tsp
Chopped Ginger 2tsp
Turmeric Powder ½tsp
Lime Juice 1tsp
Poppy Seeds 1tsp
Aniseed (Powder) ½tsp

To prepare the Rice

Basmati Rice 250g
Water ½litre
Ghee 1½tbsp
Cinnamon Pieces 6pieces
Cardamom Seeds 5nos
Curry Leaves 3Stalks
Cloves 4nos

Biriyani Chicken Masala

Ghee 2tbsp
Cinnamon Pieces 5 piece
Cloves 5nos
Cardamom Seeds 4nos
Nutmeg 1num
Onion 2big
Tomato Cut into small pieces 1num


Boiled Egg 1num
Roasted Cashew Nuts 10gms
Roasted Raisins 10gms
Roasted Onion 1num


  • Clean and cut chicken to medium large pieces.
  • Soak the aniseed, poppy seeds. And grind it together to a thick paste.
  • Grind together the curd,coriander leaves, mint leaves,curry leaves,cumin seeds,coriander seeds, green chillies,garlic,ginger,turmeric powder ,salt and lime juice.And make a fine paste.
  • Marinate the chicken with all the paste we just made.Keep aside for 1-8 Hours
  • Heat ghee in pan and add bay leaf, cardamom seeds,nutmeg,cinnamon,cloves and onion.Stir it well.
  • Add tomatoes and add marinated chicken.
  • Cover the pan and cook for at least 5 minutes on a medium flame.
  • Remove cover and cook on low flame for another 10 minutes to allow gravy to thicken.
  • Chicken masala is ready.
  • Soak the biriyani rice in water for half an hour. Drain the water.
  • Heat ghee in pan. Add cinnamon, cardamom seeds, curry leaves and cloves.Fry till soft.
  • Add the rice and heat it in a low flame for 10 minutes.
  • Add water and salt to taste.When water comes to a boil, turn flame to low and cover the pan. Cook on low flame for at least 15 minutes.
  • Rice is ready.
  • Layer the serving bowl with alternating layers of rice and the chicken masala.
  • Garnish the top with a boiled egg cut in two pieces, roasted cashews,raisins and onion.
I used a bit of red color for an eye appeal.

I used a bit of red color for an eye appeal.




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